19 December 2021

MMs002 Villa, Ecopark


For I.HOUSE, each project is a creative process of ideas, technical solutions and harmonization with the needs of homeowners. In particular, finding design ideas is the first step and is always aroused from the characteristics of the local culture, the unique points of the natural environment. The inspiration for this villa also comes from the idyllic, gentle and graceful but also very special of the bamboo bush next door. In Vietnamese culture, bamboo is very close, they grow in bushes with many vertical and regular stems, this is the main idea for us to design this detached villa. 

The form of slats in modern architecture has been very popular, but the slats in this work have the image of a bamboo tree and are shown by us through different materials such as concrete slats in the tree basin, edge-overflowing iron-slats in the balconies, the steel-core plastic-slats on the eaves or the bamboo slats on the outdoor deck. Not only stopping at the exterior, the image of bamboo slats is also brought into the interior through the main door adjacent to the shoe cabinet, to the walls along the two sides of the atrium and the bedroom, to the space-creating ceiling-cells, or to the large array of materials such as ceramic tiles on the ground floor, natural wood on the upper floor, all are used by us in slat-language in different ways. All create a unique and homogeneous architectural language through seemingly ordinary but very close and familiar materials.

Design ideas that are close to nature, in harmony with the surrounding environment are extremely valuable. Along with the harmony and unity in the design language is also the point of view that I.HOUSE pursues when designing for each project.

Ecopark, Hung Yen

Ecopark, Hung Yen

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  • Completion year 2021
  • Built area 474m2
  • Total area 400m2
  • Construction Centicons.,jsc
  • Location Ecopark, Van Giang, Hung Yen, Vietnam
  • Photographs Hoang Le